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Adventure awaits you!

Discover incredible places and live unique experiences

Adventure awaits you!

Discover incredible places and live unique experiences

We are tour operators of Incoming tourism, ecotourism, experiences and cruises. Our activities are responsible and committed to nature.

We are tour operators of Incoming tourism, ecotourism, experiences and cruises. Our activities are responsible and committed to nature.

Recommended Overland Routes

Lauca National Park and Sajama National Park excursion

3 Days | 2 Nights

Ecotourism and beautiful landscapes route, which connects the Lauca National Park and the Sajama National Park of Bolivia, here you can appreciate the perfect ecosystem at the foot of 3 highland volcanoes.
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High Andean Lands and Ancestral Cultures

Photographic Safari: Faunas from the Coast to the Andes


Prevention of exposure to Covid-19

Our Protocol manual is based on all the information provided by the Government of Chile for Tourism through Sernatur, Activa Turismo and the Ministry of Health. As well as protocols applied in National Parks of the USA and measures to reduce contagion elaborated by the Technical Committee constituted by the ICTE in collaboration with the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV).



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Tours and Experiences in Arica, Iquique and San Pedro de Atacama

  • Tour Geiseres del Tatio

    Tour to the Geysers of Tatio

    7 Hours | Full Day
    1 Km
    $45.00 USD
  • Tour Gran Oasis de Pica & Pueblos Salitreros

    Tour to the Great Pica Oasis and the Nitrate Ghost towns

    11 Hours | Full Day
    2 Km
    $65.00 USD
  • Ruta del Arte Rupestre & Geoglifos Ancestrales

    Ancestral Geoglyphs Tour (Rupestrean art route)

    10 Hours | Full Day
    4 Km
    $125.00 USD
  • City Tour Arica + Arqueología Azapa

    Arica Ciy tour and the archaeological museum of Azapa Valley

    4:30 Hours | Half Day
    3 Km
    $62.00 USD
  • City tour Iquique + Navegación boya Esmeralda

    City Tour in Iquique and Sailing to the Esmeralda Buoy

    4:30 Hours | Half Day
    2 Km
    $48.00 USD
  • Experiencia de vuelo en Parapentes

    Paragliding flight over Iquique

    40 Minutes | Half Day
    0 Km
    $78.00 USD
  • Parque Nacional Lauca, Lago Chungará

    Chungara Lake and Lauca national Park Tour

    11 Hours | Full Day
    4 Km
    $112.00 USD
  • La Misteriosa Laguna Roja

    Red Lagoon and colored Lagoons Tour

    18 Hours | Full Day
    2 Km
    $150.00 USD
  • Salar del Huasco Parque Nacional

    Huasco Salt flat National Park Tour

    12 Hours | Full Day
    3 Km
    $100.00 USD
  • Sanboard en Duna Cerro Dragón

    Sandboarding on the dragon dune

    3 Hours | Half Day
    3 Km
    $38.00 USD
  • Parque Nacional Volcán Isluga

    Isluga Volcano National Park Tour

    14 Hours | Full Day
    2 Km
    $120.00 USD
  • Escapada a las Termas & Quebrada de Chusmiza

    Getaway to the hot springs and Chusmiza ravine excursion

    2 Days | 1 Night
    3 Km
    $288.00 USD

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Offers Programs

Tour Oferta Iquique Histórico & Ruta Corbeta Esmeralda

Historical Iquique & Esmeralda Corvette Route

3 Days | 2 Nights (SIBDSV01)
Tour Oferta: Iquique, Desierto y Mar en un Mismo Lugar

Iquique, Desert and Sea in the same place

4 Days | 3 Nights (SIBDSV02)
Parque Nacional Volcán Isluga

Isluga Volcano National Park

3 Days | 2 Nights (SIBDSV03)
La Misteriosa Laguna Roja

The Mysterious Red Lagoon

3 Days | 2 Nights (SIBDSV04)
Parque Nacional Salar del Huasco

Huasco Salt Flat National Park

3 Days | 2 Nights (SIBDSV05)
Deporte Aventura en Iquique

Adventure Sports in Iquique

3 Days | 2 Nights (SIBDSV06)

Happy travelers share their experiences

Very, very happy with all the services of Dinko and Anahí, and the drivers Héctor and Nelson, who made our visit to Iquique much better. They were very hard-working and efficient (thanks for all the boarding tickets, in advance). I am a historian, for me Iquique was very good.

Eduard Hudson

New Zealand Tour conductor, Pukekohe Group

It was an excellent experience to have this team, Dinko and Araceli Castillo, and collaborators. They exceeded expectations every day. They help and explain. There is not a single thing I have to say against it. Overall very satisfying for both of us. Thank you and I hope you stay with us longer.
Dimitrios Alexopaulos

Tour conductor of Greece, KANON Greece Group

Luis is very responsible, nice and patient! He took more time to show us all the rock art possible. Very cordial drivers.
Jane Kolber

United States tourist

Thank you so much for the informative tours! We had a great time visiting sites with you. We appreciate the excellent service your company gave us.
Leigh Marymor & Amy Marymor

American Tourists, Western Rock Art Research

Excellent Tour, very good organization. Very experienced guide Sonia Chang, with a lot of knowledge.
Frau Grimminger-Pertz & Herr Pertz

Germany tourists

Without a doubt an excellent service, wonderful places and without a doubt the very friendly Guide. REF: Despegar.com, Tour Great Oasis of Pica and Saltpeter Peoples.
Camila Valeska Quijada Herrera

Tourist from Chile


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