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History… We were born under a Travelstar spirit…

In 1989 in Iquique – Chile, a pioneer company in Incoming Tourism operations was born, a very complex time to operate tourism, from scheduling reservations to the development of excursions, the era of faxes and printed tables, where the routes were often mere Trails in questionable conditions and communications were limited to a telephone booth in the highland towns of the Atacama Desert, where the daring Tourist Guides gave their news reports to the Operations Center. At that time TRAVELSTAR tour operator was born and its creator Juan Torres Vascones, who under a visionary spirit, achieves an important space between the large wholesale tour operators in Chile and abroad, as well as becoming the main large-scale cruise operator in the city of Iquique.

Always focused on providing an excellent service and delivering the best training to its Tourist Guides. This was the TRAVELSTAR school, where an entrepreneur Tourism Guide was born whose passion has always been to operate Ecotourism excursions and became a partner of Juan Torres, his name: Dinko Kosanovic. So creating the TRAVELSTAR EXPRESS Subsidiary, in 2000, focused on nature excursions, archaeological routes and private tours, to satisfy the needs of the adventure explorer tourist and new experiences.

Dinko Kosanovic y Juan Torres

In 2007, the need arose to explore overland routes and those of special interests, for receptive tourism companies (Incoming), such as the tourist who has crossed continents looking for an escape to nature, connecting with beautiful landscapes, Salt Flats and its diverse birdlife, volcanoes and its geothermal areas, photographic safaris and much more. This is how DESIERTO VERDE EXPEDICIONES was born, an expert company in the care of the most important cruise lines that call in the city of Iquique in search of experiences to satisfy the need to know new cultures of its guests. With a team of classic guides in the care of cruises and who have received new generations of guides passing on their knowledge and knowledge, thus forming a solid and transgenerational team.

Desierto Verde

Classic picture from the year 2000

Desierto Verde Expediciones Tour Operator, was born in the city of Iquique in 2000, under the name of Travelstar Express. With the MISSION of serving and offering the tourist and visitor, the unforgettable experience of a real contact with the nature of our coast, intermediate depression and high plateau, with its arid and green landscapes, its flora and fauna, its hot springs, its history and all the interesting secrets of the Atacama Desert and Southern Chile. Delivering a PHILOSOPHY of care to our natural environment and environment. Operating responsible expeditions, respecting the destinations we visit and their people, inviting the outdoor traveler to feel part of an experience of connection with nature in an ethical and more spiritual way.

We specialize in ecotourism excursions, special interest routes, archaeological routes, cultural tourism, and experiences. With a proven experience in the attention of cruises. We operate private long-distance incoming tourism excursions and SIB tours (shared), for national tourism, with the essence of personalized attention.

Our excursions have a high level of quality and reliable information, recreation and entertainment. We have the necessary experience to design special programs according to the needs of companies and / or tourists who require our services. A team of experienced guides in German, Italian, English and French languages. As well as the best transport according to the different routes, seeking the comfort and safety of our clients. We operate with excellent restaurants in the area and an exclusive box lunch or picnic lunch, prepared by our company.

Our commitment is to deliver a VISION of sustainable tourism and union and joint work of the native peoples with us, thus creating a virtuous circle and giving the visitor living experiences so that they always have in their memory a positive and unforgettable memory of having traveled with us.

Desierto Verde Team

Equipo Desierto Verdes 2015
Equipo Desierto Verde 2015
Crucero Regatta - 2015
Crucero Seven Seas Mariner - 2018
Margaret Nuñez, guía DSV y turistas en mirador Geoglifos de Pintados
Raquel Castro, operando Tour de un Crucero 2018
Guías listos para operación crucero
Beto Manzano, guía DSV y su grupo en plaza Prat de Iquique
Lynn Barr, guía DSV relatando tour en Pintados
Claudia Olivares, guía DSV en Géiseres de Puchuldiza
Sebastián Massaro, guía DSV exponiendo en Palacio Astoreca
Marllery y Tania, guías DSV en Géiseres de Puchuldiza
Tania Sampson, guía DSV en tour Laguna Roja
Guía operador en excursión hacia Laguna Roja
Dinko Kosanovic

Dinko Kosanovic


Marcela Ramírez

Marcela Ramírez


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