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How can I make a reservation online?

Add the tour or service you want to book to the shopping cart. Once you have identified the tour or service you want to book, you must go to the calendar and reserve the date you want to reserve it, and then the corresponding number of people. Obviously you can add to the shopping cart, how many tours or experiences you want to live.

Complete your reservation information. Once in the shopping cart, you can verify that all services are added on the correct dates. Then you must complete the data of those who will perform the services (name, surname, nationality, contact number, etc). And if necessary, information on accommodation and flights.

Pay your reservation online. Once you have selected the payment method, you will be redirected to the corresponding payment site. After completing the payment, you will return to our site, where you will find a summary of your purchase. Likewise, we will send you the confirmation email with all the details of the service and a voucher with the details of your itinerary.

How far in advance should I book a tour or experience?

In the case of tours or experiences, we receive online reservations at least 72 hours in advance. Since we will leave in our system a blockade of 3 days before any date that you want to reserve for these purposes.

However, for Overlands Routes services, these must be reserved weeks or even months in advance, since they are services which constitute several days of operation for which we must reserve accommodation in Andean hotels and restaurant reservations. Therefore, they do not have the shopping cart service in their online reservation, they only have to write to us in our message system or to our reservation emails.

How can I know the availability of a service?

For each tour or experience you will find a calendar, which indicates the dates on which you can perform the service. However, the departure of a tour on a specific date and time may be subject to modifications, such as the tour operator (we) being able to capture the minimum number of passengers necessary to allow us to operate the service, if it is a regular tour (shared ). To know the availability of a tour date and its schedule, write to us at WhatsApp: +56 998850310 or to the corporate emails:

reservas@dsvexpediciones.cl or booking@greendesertexpeditionschile.com

Does it cost to add, cancel or change the date of a tour?

Our company allows by internal policy, the cancellation or cancellation of a service, up to 48 hours in advance, without any type of charge, that is, we make the money back.

Besides, if we receive said cancellation of the service, between 47 to 24 hours prior to the execution date of the tour, we will allow ourselves to charge 50% of the service, and we will refund 50% of the balance.

Likewise, any cancellation or cancellation of a service within the same 24 hours of the date of the tour, or if the client (tourist) does not show up within the agreed time of withdrawal from their hotel or place of accommodation, obviously they will proceed to charge 100% of the service, that is, No show.

All of the above will have a turn of flexibility in case the client wishes or needs to change the date of his service, that is to say, reschedule. Which will have no additional cost and the payment received will be kept respecting the new reservation date, as long as this change of date is informed 48 hours before the service, that is, at least 2 days in advance.

All these regulations would be invalid, if the reason is a setback in the Phases of the national plan “Step by Step” for Covid-19 prevention, already in the city of origin or city of destination. In this case we will proceed to refund the money or reschedule according to the client’s intention.

What happens in the event that a tour or experience is suspended for climatic reasons?

Our company may suspend or modify the departure of a tour or excursion, the days before it or during its execution, due to weather conditions or force majeure product of natural disasters, social or political demonstrations, accidents on the route, closure unplanned national parks or museums sites, and others. In the event of any such suspension, we will refund the payment of their tour to the clients (tourists) or, depending on the possibilities of the case, the activities will be rescheduled.

Do all tours or experiences include pick-up from hotel or lodging place?

In the description of each tour or experience, it is indicated if the pick-up from the hotel or place of accommodation is included. However, as long as the place of lodging is within the urban radius of the city from where the excursion starts, the withdrawal from the hotel will be included. In the case of not being, the service will begin at a meeting point, which will be indicated by our executives at the time of answering or confirming the reservation, through our confirmation email.

How can I know if the reserved services are confirmed or are subject to confirmation?

Although all the services that you have reserved through our shopping cart have automatic confirmation, it is necessary that you receive a corporate confirmation email from our reservations team, which will be issued as soon as we have received your reservation. Therefore, you will receive a reservation confirmation email with the itinerary of the requested service. In the event that the reserved service is still subject to confirmation, you will receive an informative email of the status of the reservation as subject to confirmation, which we will proceed to confirm as soon as possible. Always generating a written, virtual or telephone contact with the client. Delivering the security of feeling accompanied and advised in your travel adventure or experience.

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